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The Emerge Center
The Emerge Center is a state-of-the-art facility addressing hearing, speech & language, autism, occupational therapy, and behavioral services of pre-school, youth, and adults in the greater Baton Rouge community. The phase-one structure of approximately 26,000sf is first new building to be located on the LSU South Campus. In addition to therapy, academic, and other client services the independent non-profit foundation’s administrative, conference and meeting facilities are incorporated into the design. To accommodate a 100-plus child pre-school program, a small-scale food service program, therapeutic gym, and outdoor play area – all designed specifically with special needs children in mind – are included as well.

Ultimately, New Market Tax Credits were coupled with a successful community-based capital campaign provided funding for the project. The final design solution met the needs of specific programmatic expectations set within this framework of a fixed budget and schedule precipitated by these funding sources.

Today, with this facility and the multi-disciplinary approach to care that it provides, Emerge has the flexibility to adapt programs to meet the needs of the community. It boasts the highest-trained therapists for treating Childhood Apraxia of Speech in Louisiana. Its clients and patients are afforded the highest-caliber services and technology in practice today. From cutting-edge digital hearing aids, to therapeutic iPad apps and smartboards in classrooms, Emerge is one of the most impressive centers of its kind in the state.

This project received the IIDA 2016 IDEA Award of Recognition.