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Republic FInance
The overall design challenge and goal of this project was to maximize green design opportunities while delivering a building which could be leased at market rate. Several sustainable design ideas were investigated and implemented into the project. The main concept of the building design was that it was carefully sited to control direct solar light and heat while maintaining a high dependence of natural light throughout the space. High performance glass allows maximum visible light while reflecting solar heat gain. This was a large portion of the sustainable design in this building. The high performance HVAC system also includes a heat recovery ventilator system. Additionally, the HVAC peak load is minimized to the months of August-October because of the careful site planning. The lighting in this project also maximizes green design opportunities in that high efficiency light fixtures and transformers are used in conjunction with an energy management system for building lighting control. Low voltage and LED fixtures were also used in locations were appropriate. The use of recycled materials also reinforces the green design. Some of the recycled items used include steel, fly ash concrete, aluminum framing system, carpet, ceiling tile systems, furniture systems and recycled product countertops. Other green design items include low voc paint, high albedo roof system and select landscape plants to help reduce irrigation.