Coleman Partners Architects
Portfolio / Master Planning
SOWELA Community College
Coleman Partners Architects, LLC developed the master plan for SOWELA Community College that will support the campus for the next 10 years. The master plan was developed based on the criteria of current enrollment and curriculum data, current census information to establish population trends and national enrollment trends for community colleges with similar demographic conditions. This information was analyzed to extrapolate future student enrollment and the future facilities necessary to support the anticipated student population, faculty, and staff.

The Master plan goals included:
- Define the existing land use for the college
- Define the expanded land use options and requirements
- Define the quality and quantity of existing and new buildings that will be necessary to accommodate technical college curriculum into the foreseeable future
- Address the ongoing and continued expansion
- Address and define the spatial requirements of the growing community college
- Establish design guidelines and principles that will be used by SOWELA

SOWELA Community College is located and serves the southwest portion of Louisiana.