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Park Elementary School
The new Park Elementary School is a 76,000 square foot, two story educational facility located to the north of the previous Park Elementary School site. This facility includes 23 classroom spaces organized by grade into “school houses”. The “21st Century Classrooms” within these school houses are clustered around collaborative learning areas that can be used as breakout spaces for individual classrooms or may be used as a teaching space for multiple classes.

The 21st century classrooms and collaborative areas have the latest technology easily accessible to students, encouraging research and discovery. These spaces have an abundance of natural light as well as quality LED lighting with the goal of improving educational outcomes. The classrooms are flexible and allow for various grouping formats that best suit the lesson plan. Students may be organized in a group gathering area; aligned in a traditional model; or broken into small clusters depending upon the particular learning activity. In addition, the school offers several exterior learning environments including an out-door teaching area, an interactive water modeling feature, gardening areas and interactive acoustic music stations.